Passport Validity

issued now, it will be the issue date

so a 10 year Passport isn’t valuable for 10 years… ah well…

You wouldn’t be stuck in France, as you can leave with an expired passport, and the UK will let you in with one too. What you can’t do is enter the Schengen area. And if you remain here without a valid passport within the zone you are formally sans papiers, so risk being fined and becoming banned from re-entering.


no quite correct… it’s another Brexshit benefit :slightly_smiling_face:

what’s not correct… ???
Seems I have to order a new Passport to be issued before my existing 3month’s grace comes upon me… (I might well be losing the plot…)

yup :+1:
it was a joke :grin:

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Sorry… my sugar levels must have zonked down this morning… but I’m seeing/thinking more clearly now… :+1: :rofl:

Have some cake :slight_smile: ! to restore blood sugar levels

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It is not a requirement to have a valid passport if you are French resident.

I do not know if it is or not but I think not having one would potentially make life rather complicated, especially but not only if you wish to travel outside of France.

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you’ll have a reference to back that up, I’m sure.
French resident but Third Country National?

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To be fair though do we have a reference suggesting it’s not the case? When I discovered my passport had run out (during covid, so it didn’t really matter as I wasn’t going anywhere) I googled very long and very hard and found absolutely nothing to say either way. I was tempted to ask the embassy but, well, people here weren’t having much luck with them over other things so I just got a new one and that was that. Perhaps my googling skills weren’t up to much but I’d have assumed the government would have put it in big bold letters on the relevant residency sections of their website if it was a legal requirement.

but, for a TCN, the Residency Card (CDS-WA) is not exactly a valid form of ID (although in France, I have found that it has served that way, albeit unoffcially - hospitals, for example) only a passport is.
“valid passport” needs an explanation… as a travel document there are certain conditions as to its validity - expiry date for example - but, as in the case of a Driving Licence, the entitlement to drive persists even if out of date although the law demands that the licence is in date if you wish to exercise the privileges of the licence. The same applies with my flying permits except that additional conditions apply such as medicals, type ratings and flying currency.

You don’t have to have one as many other ways to prove your identity

Vous pouvez justifier votre identité par tous moyens. Vous pouvez présenter l’un des documents suivants : Titre d’ identité (carte d’ identité , passeport, permis de conduire) Autre document (acte de naissance, livret de famille, livret militaire, carte d’électeur, carte vitale…)

[image] › vosd…

Contrôle d’identité |

You can, but try that if CPAM, URSSAF, an employer, etc etc etc, asks for your passport because often it is also about proving your nationality, and your driving licences or birth certificates do not prove that.
Eventually you may win but who needs the hassle and delay, it it not simpler to keep your passport up to date especially since you will in any case need a passport if you want to travel outside France,

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Very true, but the trouble is this wasn’t actually the point. We’ve got off on a little tangent. I’m not picking on you, I promise lol, but commenter was reacting to your…

…comment and has suggested that in fact this isn’t the case. It may well be much easier and quicker and more sensible to have a valid passport for all manner of reasons like you’ve said here, but the crux is whether, like you thought, it is in fact a legal requirement or not, and that sadly we still don’t actually have a certain answer to, although I’ve not had a look at @JaneJones link yet so perhaps that clears it up conclusively.

To be fair, the rest of my post went on to say “I think I have seen that but I could be wrong?” I was quite willing for my vague thoughts on this to be shown to be wrong.
So I appreciated the information, I now know that it is not a legal requirement, but my knee jerk reaction was that personally I see sound reasons for having one nonetheless.
Apologies, I should have thanked Phil Graham for his input before commenting, and also thank you to Jane Jones for supplying the link.