Pastel Paintings

Suzy! You are killing me here! I can't wait to see the Impressionists' work in the country where the art was created. I did get to see the Courtauld Institute's collection of Impressionist works in 1984 when it was exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum is about a 30 minute drive from me. At the time, the Courtauld Institute said that the collection would never leave the UK again. I am soooo glad I got to see it. I stared for hours at some of my favorite Renoir's "La Loge" and Manet's "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère.., of course, Degas pastels, and more. You are a sadistic women, Suzy. lol :)

Hi Debra,just to make you wish you were here already,theres an exhibition of Degas'nudes at the Musee D'orsay;lots of pastel work,biensur.