Patou Puppy

Hi All,

I have just joined this group, as in a couple of months time I am going to become a dog owner.

A friend of a friend rescued a pregnant Patou des Pyrenées last month and she has just given birth to 6 puppies, (2 females and 4 males).

I had been thinking about getting a dog for the last six months and when I was asked if I could take one, the timing just seemed perfect.

What I would like, for any who can spare the time, is advice, tips etc on bringing up puppy, integrating him with the 7 month old and 15 year old cat, dietary advice etc.

I run a hotel and I would like to train him to stay with me in my office as well so that he isn't always shut in the flat (which is admittedly 130 sq ft with an enclosed garden so not the end of the world if I can't).

I have a lot of experience with dogs, particularly large breeds, (my first dog was a Bernese mountain dog, the second an English Mastiff) but I believe that we can always learn things from other dog owners especially with all the amazing different personalities that dogs have and the quirks of different breeds. Also this is the first time that I will have a dog that comes to me as a puppy and not already fully grown!!

Many thanks for your help!

Namaste :)

I'm so excited. Diddy will probably just ignore him and Hannah (the baby) will love the fact that she has a proper playmate. Diddy just tells her off all the time. ;)

You're absolutely right - the sooner he learns the guests aren't a threat to you, the better. He'll be happy just mooching around keeping an eye on everyone. I believe they are quite protective though so watch him if a nearby group suddenly burst out laughing, start banging chairs around or race towards you just to gauge his reaction. He'll learn soon enough which situations worry you and which don't. Absolutely beautiful dogs, so I'm really happy for the two of you (the cats will love him eventually and he'll probably protect them too).

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for the advice. The hotel is 2 minutes away from the river with a large meadow and 10 minutes from the "coulis verts" which go for miles, so we'll be getting some good walks in.

Plus as Patous are such gentle creatures, he will be able to walk around the hotel with me and go out onto the terrace. I would like him to be comfortable with other dogs, children etc right from the start so I figure the sooner he starts being around all of the above, the better.

Maybe he can round up my unruly groups of people instead of sheep....would be very useful for getting them in to dinner on time!! LOL ;)

Congratulations Damaris and what a beautiful bear of a dog you're going to have! I wouldn't worry too much about the cats as you'll be bringing him in as a (albeit large) baby. They'll probably give him a few warning hisses or slaps, if any, and the hierarchy will be sorted out. Just keep an eye on them initially if you can and say a sharp 'No' (or whatever word/noise you intend using) if he shows any kind of aggression towards them. I really don't think you should have many problems though. As for the office, simply start as you mean to go on and he'll quickly fall into the routine. Do take him out for his morning pee before going to the office though! If he's used to being with you from the start, going with you to the office won't seem so strange to him but, after having to stay still for so long, I hope you have some wide open spaces he can run riot around afterwards! Oh, and maybe a few sheep he can round up just for fun...