PAU cci

I know we’ve discussed this on here before but I think it is buried somewhere on the comments wall.

So having finally got round to sorting out my press pass etc. it reminded me that it is very soon!!

So who's going and would like to meet up? And where ? When?

I'm assuming that Gina will now be too busy with her puppies, but if any of the rest of you are going, I'll let you have my mobile numbers and we can arrange to meet.

C x

Suggest we arrange a place when we get there - I went over yesterday to collect my press stuff but it was hard to see what was what, as still work in progress (chaos!) in the exhibitors village - sending you my moblile number now and lets text on Saturday (I’m not going Friday) x

Hi Catharine Unfortunately and due to unforseen circumstances ( that Lizzy again ) I will not be able to come. Jim can’t manage on his own. So I can’t wander too far till the pups have gone. Just gotta take a raincheck. G.