Paving stones suitable for uneven earthen floor in outbuilding

When we rent out our house people have to traipse out to the large fridge in the outbuilding (we only have a small one in the kitchen). The floor is earth and slightly uneven. I’d like to make it less of a nightmare by our laying something on the floor, to the fridge. Like a little path. But the unevenness means people may fall off and break their ankles. Has anyone got any ideas? We don’t want to go to the expense etc. of concreting it all over right now. Thanks.

Buy an extension lead and move the fridge next to the door?

Or you can get plastic or wood caillebotis, the sort of thing that you can use to make a path in an allotment. Either buy in squares than clip together or a roll. Put a few stakes either side to keep people on the straight and narrow.


Thank you - I knew you’d come up with some good ideas. I shall discuss them all.

Perhaps use a few of these stepping stones:

plus limestone gravel: