Paxo Pie

(Jeni Middlehurst) #1

Now this is definitely not the sort of meal you’d expect in a recipe column. When we were furnishing our new apartment in Monaco, time was running out so we decided to drive to Ikea in Genoa because shops open on Sunday in Italy. Niall wanted chicken sandwiches to take with us and I’d forgotten to take one out to roast. There were some chicken breasts in the fridge, so I put a couple in a small casserole with lemon juice and garlic. Then I made up some Paxo with lemon, garlic and butter, slapped it on the chicken and roasted it in the oven for forty minutes, Paxo is one of Niall’s staple foods, he loves the stuff and like Yorkshire pudding, will eat it with anything.

The man has a nose like a truffle pig and no sooner than I'd taken it out of the oven, he was gouging into the casserole. I have to say it tasted very nice... Comfort food I'd call it. Anyway I cooled it overnight and the next morning I made sandwiches for lunchtime. They were eaten before we got as far as San Remo. I make Paxo pie a lot for travelling; sometimes in sandwiches, sometimes as a terrine with salad and in the winter Niall loves it fresh out of the oven with broccoli and leeks. I've tried making it with home made stuffing when I haven't any Paxo and for some reason it just doesn't work. You do have to oof up the stuffing with lemon garlic and butter though, or it's like the worst school food.

(Catharine Higginson) #2

Sounds delicious!
I love this sharing of odd ‘family’ recipes - like you say - you’d never find this in a cookery book!