Pay as you go broadband packages in France

Free is a regular provider like Orange, SFR or Bytel. Kind of a weird name though. Free(dot)fr is their website.
I think I read someplace they have the biggest or second biggest network in France, but I could be wrong. Maybe it was biggest 5G?
I think they are pretty big. I am in 58 but pretty close to a National road and they have good coverage so you may have a decent signal wherever you are.
I think the best part of them is the no contract and the ability to purchase from a kiosk. It takes minimal conversation to get a SIM.

You may be interested in this from Statista

I think you’ve already seen the Cartoradio linki I posted up the topic.

Yes, I also went with SOSH and really pleased with it

We ended up going with Free fibre broadband. Get about 700 meg a second by the router and they provided a free repeater. 29 euros a month first year, including a TV box too, and a cancel anytime contract. We also took the free sim.

The only hassle ordering from the UK was having to provide a French phone number, which we didn’t have. We made one up and it didn’t make any difference. All comms were via email. Then we provided my UK mobile number when we booked delivery.

Paying from my UK Starling euro account and no problem.

Installation went smoothly and it all works fine. Hope this is useful if anyone else washes up on this thread.

Just as an addition to the thread, joining Free is one thing, but leaving is a whole different level of difficulty. Very complicated and bureaucratic, which rather ironically relies on sending a letter through the mail (unless you can persuade them to accept it via your online account).

WhatsApp, we’ve found, is the best way to communicate with them. They’re respond quickly and are very helpful.

Have been with FREE for around 8 years now and always good service. I still pay the same amount as I did back then (€29/month), pay zero for mobile phone as it is only used as a phone and nothing else, fibre optic broadband,landline telephone with no charge unlimited overseas calls and TV. The one big problem Ihad was suspending it for four months until I got into the new house which they did and I paid nothing but getting it back with the new address was a nightmare because several different people answered the calls we made,one was obviously not french as her accent I could not understand and finally I demanded to speak to the chef de service who did the whole thing there and then when it should have been done by the first of the several others. If I had any problems previously, their engineer came out within 48hrs and when the TV control box packed up, a new one arrived within 3 days by delivery van at n/c. We were with orange then SFR and they just kept upping the monthly price without telling me so ditched them.

We’ve been pleased with the service, apart from trying to leave! Virgin Media in the UK once told me they couldn’t install my broadband as my house ‘hadn’t been built yet’ (as I spoke to them from the living room), so Free are considerably better than that :grinning: