Pay Deposit and Notaires Fees by UK debit card

Just wondering if you can pay your deposit and Notaires fees by a UK debit card. I have a card that doesn’t charge foreign currency fees and I get the LIBOR rate.

Has anyone done this? We are talking about sums of around EUR: 4-5k

Am not sure if there is a limit on debit card payments.

Depends on your bank, but usually you can ask them to raise limit for a specific transaction. My card used to have a £10k limit, but I changed it in case it got stolen.

Hi Darren

5 years ago, we made an unusually expensive purchase in UK, with a UK Debit Card - no problem since it was just below the £10k limit that is pretty standard.

I am not aware that the limit has been lowered. Why not ask your Bank ??

Generally speaking, the Notaire likes to see the money safely in the Official Notaire Bank Account - certainly before the Sale is finalized (ie before signing day). Debit cards do not afford that facility.

Maybe ok for a Deposit - who knows.

After speaking with your Bank - why not ask the Notaire.

I’d say you can, if the funds are in the account and the Notaire accepts cards. Just call your bank and advise them before the transaction.

With a debit card the funds transfer immediately Stella.

Mmm… fair enough, John.

Now it remains to see if the Notaire will accept payment like this.

I know our local Notaire has made it clear that funds must be in the BA some days in advance of a Session/ Appointment with her. For this, an international transfer is being done the week before.

For Darren, presumably it will mean giving the Debit Card details to the Notaire (by whatever means) - some days in advance too.

Have sent him an email…

From his picture he looks about five years old (but I’m not judging)

I would notify your card issuer too. Otherwise an unexpected large transaction abroad will likely set their fraud alert off and the payment won’t be authorised, which would be embarrassing.
Maybe if you already have security in place and they text a code to your phone, you wouldn’t need to - not sure if UK banks do that.

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