Pay your taxes etc at the tobacconist?

something new…???

!!! Only available in tabacs in 10 test départements (as it says in the article), if all goes well it will go nationwide in July, paroles de buraliste :wink:

Yep… I thought of you when I read the article…

Presumably the tobacconist will be replacing the various Tresor Publique offices etc which are planned for closure across France… :roll_eyes:

Exactly! Already happening here (closure) although things aren’t yet set up for payment!

Mmm… whilst I appreciate this will bring more custom to the Tobacconist… I do not think said Tobacconist will be able to discuss customer’s financial matters ie taxes etc… (darn shame they are closing the local Tresors… as not everything can be satisfactorily accomplished on-line… and nothing is quite like the personal touch.)

completely agree with you, Stella, and this is going to be chicken feed for us, almost not worth doing to be honnest but I can’t go into the ins and outs of that here! :wink:


That is so typical Andrew.
Since we have become [part of a ComCom we now have to collect taxe de sejour, but there is no method of paying online.
I can imagine that may tabacs will not want to do this and why should they, so small towns and villages might very well lose this type of shop.

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