Paying for vehicle registration - help needed

I have imported a car from the UK. All paperwork has been done - lights, CT, Certificate of Conformity, etc. All have gone to the ants site. says all is complete and now I must pay - and presumably I then get a Carte Gris and can get plates.
And - I cannot find anywhere on this site to make the payment. Has anyone else done this and can help point me to the right place?

I seem to remember that you have to access your messages and there will be a link on there.

On the ANTS site go to “mon espace”. Then “mon espace vehicule”. Then click on “voir vos demarches en cours, cliquez ici”. Under Actions (reprise) click “OK”. It will tell you “+ taxes a regler: 000.00” to the top right of the screen. Click on that & follow the instructions.


Thank you Mark
Finally I have a provisional certificate. I am guessing the real Carte Gris will follow in the post.
That has to be the most hideous route through a website that anyone has ever devised.
Thank you again

Thank you Roy
You are correct but the site seems designed to make it impossible to get where you want.
Mark’s reply below finally sorted it.
Cheers Steve