Paying social charges

I am in receipt of a UK Government Service Pension. As is required, I pay income tax on this in the UK and also make a French tax declaration but I don’t pay tax in France under the Double Taxation Treaty.
I have read in several articles that, as the recipient of a UK GSP, I should not be paying social charges in France either, as these are viewed as a ‘tax’.
Can anyone confirm this and even point me to some official source so I can convince my friendly French tax man?

As I recall it, if you have an S1 form, you don’t pay social charges on pensions, although you do on other income. I suppose you should speak to an accountant for the exact details and references.

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I suggest that you discuss this with your Tax Office… they have possibly not got it noted that UK cover your Health Care (if that is indeed the case)…

then you won’t be charged on your Pension… but (of course) will still be liable for the social charges applicable to some income which does attract such charges…

I filled in a wrong box the other year and suddenly it looked as if I would be zapped with social charges.
A visit and a chat… soon got the matter sorted…

I’d agree with that Brian. And if you have a S1 there shouldn’t be a healthcare aspect to the charges. I treat myself the luxury of having a local accountant submit my form to the Impots each year, it’s not a lot of money because it’s pretty straight forward. He paid for himself over the last few years by spotting the EU had ruled some French social charges on (foreign?) income were illegal. Anyway, he sent me a form to sign and bingo… a refund. He’s now after them for interest on the money they mistakenly took, which must be buttons but he’s very determined :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you put your government pension in the right box? It should be in 1BL I recall, not 1AM, and then it should be automatic that it doesn’t attract social charges. You can correct your tax return if you have got it wrong, just go i to your personal space on impôts website and follow the instructions.

Other income will attract social charges.

Lucky you, John. I too paid those “illegal” charges, but although my accountant tried to get them back, I don’t recall that I ever got anything.

Thank you for your comments, after an unsuccessful visit to the Tax Office on another matter this morning we are now looking for an accountant as suggested! Am I allowed to ask if anyone has any recommendations? The lady demanded that we get our P60s translated into French - is this normal? Time for a glass of red I think, then more research in the morning.

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Just a thought, do you have your State Pension as well as your Government Pension? As it is only when you get your State Pension and receive an S1 that you become exempt from social charges on your pensions. Basically because the UK is paying for your healthcare you are affiliated to the french health service via the UK - so don’t have to pay yourself. How are you covering your health care?

And rubbish to get P60 translated into France. It is not required by law, but the problem is that there is no arguing with a truculent officer. Way back when we did our own translations anytime we were asked, and just made them look as smart as possible.

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Oh, and here is the text about the exoneration from social charges - look up Ruyter if you want more

Where are you situated, Sheelagh? Would help folks with recommendations.