Payment for Certificate of change of Residence

I need to get a certificate of Residence from the French embassy in London so that I can Move my household over to France. I am hoping to move sometime in July or August as and when the pandemic allows. I have read the notes on the embassy website and it looks pretty straightforward. My only concern is how to pay the fee. Has anyone applied recently ,how do I pay the embassy and was it straight forward to get one? I have made an inventory of goods and have got the CERFA certificate for customs plus other certificates from the shipping agents I am using so hopefully it is straight forward.

Hi Thomas, we got a certificate in February. The payment of the fee is straightforward - they send you a form for paying it once they have checked all your documents etc., it is not online. You need to enter your credit card details on the form. It can also be paid in person at the consulate but becaue of the covid restrictions we chose to the form emailed to us.


Hi Yogesh, Thanks that great news I shall apply this weekend .

Hi Thomas.
I moved from the UK to France a fortnight ago, and my furniture was moved 6 weeks before that when we weren’t allowed to cross the border. I contacted the French embassy enquiring about this certificate since this certificate is mentioned in this forum, but they just pointed me to the French state website regarding travel between the UK and France. They did not say whether I needed this certificate. I never got this certificate, the removal people never asked me for this certificate nor did customs at the border. The French border guards at the tunnel justed wanted to see passports and Covid test certificate.
I wondered if it is just for French citizens returning to France?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply, I will have to get the certificate as the shipping agent has requested me to get one. It seems everyone concerned with customs clearance are going through a post brexit learning curve regarding the documentation required to ship goods. It does differentiate between French citizens and non-French citizens on the embassy website , so I will err on the cautious side and apply for a certificate.