PC crippled by AVG - Help desperately needed

I have just loaded AVG PC Tune up and continued to run AVG Disk Doctor.

Now, on reboot it is constantly trying to scan the disk but, is stuck at 10%. Have tried to reboot many times but, same result. It does give you the opportunity to bypass the Scan by hitting the space bar within 1 second but, this does not work despite many attempts.
Via the installation disk, I have tried to restore to an earlier date (yesterday). This failed and, now no previous restore points are visible.

From Googling the subject, I have tried to edit the registry (amending the BootExecute entry). All to no avail!!

Now, I can't go forward and I can' go backwards.

Any clues gratefully received. Thanks Clive

As far as I know there isn't. The basic tools which come with your machine scandisc and defragmentation will do a lot but otherwise it seems to be a laborious process of deleting unwanted programs.

May I ask David or Carl to suggest an alternative SAFE route to clean up a PC which will have been compromised over a long period of time.

Is there any reliable product around?

Agreed, Don't use those things.

They cause far more trouble than they are worth.

PC tune up of whatever marque are a worthless exercise. Don't do it again!

AVG is forgiven. After 10 hours of supposedly scanning the disk which was stuck at 10%, it suddenly came to life demanding my sign in.

As they say, patience is a virtue ! No, really.