PCR tests ordering

Does anyone know if I need to order PCR tests from Randox individually or can I order the 3 we need in one order, will it be one number for us all or separate numbers for each one of us for the locator form.

Hi, each test kit has its own number to enter on the locator form.
When you place an order for two or more, the individual booking references are listed on the order confirmation.

Thanks for that, confirms what I thought would happen, but just wanted to be sure.

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If this is for travel to/from UK - we have used Testing For All a number of times and it has worked very well.

Thanks, we went for Randox as they were £43 and it’s basically for the numbers for the forms.

Exactly I am not sure you even need to get the tests done!

We didn’t bother doing the tests and there has been absolutely no chase up or any contact at all.

You are basically paying £43 or thereabouts for numbers to put into the passenger locator forms.

Good grief! :roll_eyes:

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do you have one of the many discount codes for Randox? many airlines apparently, get about 20pc off?

Here you go:

Discount code : easyJet2021

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£28 for Expert Medical, all arrived in time and went well.

Unfortunately I don’t think Expert Medical is on the government approved list any longer.

That doesnt matter, they are still a UKAS approved laboratory.
Just because none of the cabinet have shares in them its my money I am wasting. They produce the necessary code and that makes the system work.

That’s good to know, thanks.