Pears soap

If this has been covered please forgive me. No it is not another rant. I think that Pears soap, perhaps one of the only reasons to visit the UK, is causing an allergic skin reaction. I have read a few other rants about a change in formula. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Thank you I guess that I am one of the unlucky ones that are effected. When something like this happens it is often very difficult to nail down the cause. In 2000 I bought a fancy coffee maker and began drinking cappuccinos. When I broke out in massive rashes I was in bad shape. It took 8 months to realize that I had a reaction to milk and dairy products. Now Pears soap, what a world.

David, take a look at...

Interesting, the backlash must have been enormous. I have done a few personal tests and each time I use Pears my skin starts itching and especially sensitive parts are inflamed. Assuming that the formula was changed and the change caused these extreme problems the decision was ill considered.

Pears bosses have agreed to bring the old soap back in March this year.