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My name is Chris, and in August of this year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcenoma of the lung, which had spread to my bones, lymph nodes, and adrenal gland. But this post isn’t about me, please read on!

I am the main cameraman with Ridealist Productions - a “husband and wife” initiative that was established as a non-profit society in Hong Kong in 2009.

Since then we have produced more than 30 videos for small, grassroots NPOs and community groups on a pro-bono, volunteer basis.

In June of this year we de-camped from Hong Kong and moved to central France where our plan is to re-establish Ridealist as a functioning social enterprise.

Our essential “business plan” is to produce social documentary material and commercial videos as a social enterprise - at a social enterprise rate. This will enable us to remain sustainable while pursuing our original goals to provide media services on a volunteer/pro-bono basis to those groups and individuals who simply have no budget.

We are currently working on the first of our commercial projects - A Year In The Vines - a four-part series on wine production in the south of France.

Ridealist is responsible for filming and editing the production. As part of our commitment to social responsibility we plan to donate 30 percent of our fee for this project to pediatric cancer research/pediatric cancer resource organisations.

In addition, the producers of A Year In The Vines has announced they will contribute 50 percent of all funds raised above the production target amount.

We are currently seeking research/resource organisations to partner with. Perhaps we can select an organisation for each of the four segments of the production, or share the overall amount between two, three, four, five, six organisations. What do you think?

We would promote the partner organisations on A Year In The Vines website (currently under construction) Facebook page etc, using the organisation's logo and carrying links to their websites.

If you know of a group that might like to be considered as a partner organisation, please do get in touch with us as soon as possible! We plan to roll out the fundraising video on November 1st.

For some of Ridealist's latest work please visit our website, but for a more comprehensive gallery of the videos we have produced over the past couple of years you can find us on our page at GoodnessTV. - including “Breathless” - a video we produced earlier this year to highlight the dangers of urban air pollution and the cancer risk of even low level exposure. Talk about irony!

We look forward to hearing from you,

warm regards,

Chris and Shirley Han Ying Gelken


The campaign began last Friday - here’s the link - - please drop by and take a look. We have already signed up an American charity as a partner, but are still looking for one in the UK, one in France, and another in Asia to represent the multinational composition of our production team.


I am an alternative therapist and I thought this website might be of use to you: