Pellet boilers pellet log burners - Toulouse area

We are looking at buying an old house and would like to install a pellet burner, can anyone advise in this area also i would like to install an AGA oven am i best buying items from the UK etc. I was looking at hiring a van for paints and building materials etc. Has anybody done anything similar?

An AGA weighs about 500kg and takes an expert two days to put together. It’s not something that you can casually buy in one place and move to another before placing in the kitchen. Re hiring a van, mos5 supermarkets offer this service.

I think that the warmer the climate, then the less practical an AGA becomes. Some friends installed one here in Vendee, and then found that they couldn’t use it from April to October as it made the kitchen area unbearably hot. I think that you should do some research as to seasonal temperatures in the area you are buying the house and give the AGA question a serious re-think.

I only use my AGA during the winter months, that’s not a problem as I have room for a hot plate and oven as well. As far as I know that is standard practise. It is a great way to provide the background heating to my house.

Havent looked in to it but have heard pellet burners are cheaper from Germany, just worth having a look?

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We buy most of our DIY items from either Leroy Merlin or Castorama. Castorama is part of the Kingfisher group which owns B&Q. Great selection - Cooke and Lewis stuff and French paint is fine!! You can get Dulux here too. As far as pellet burners there are many distributors in France, or have a look on It may save you a few bob in shipping. We had our woodburning cooker sent from England and they sent it on an articulated lorry which couldn’t get up our little road!

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Hi Richard,
There are plenty of European Pellet Boiler Manufacturers.

We’re also looking at bio-mass systems and just to share our thinking - our current leaning is for a log based system (more specifically wood gasification). This thinking is based on the assumption that that the less people have a hand in the supply of our fuel, the less people there are to have a hand in its future pricing.
Logs also remove the cost, complexity and risk of failure of the automated pellet handling elements of the equipment but on the other hand logs also remove the convenience of automated pellets - horses for courses.

Please do keep us appraised of your research and progress.

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We bought a reconditioned AGA from the UK. The company have their own fitter who operates in France. He arrived with the AGA and fitted it in a day. The total cost was about half what you would pay for a new one including the fit. The element, electrics, seals and covers were new. The reconditioned parts were shot blasted and 're enamelled so we ended up with a model which was as good as new. We installed a traditional hob and oven for summer use. Wouldn’t be without it now and the food tastes amazing. PM me if you need details.

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We have had an Okofen pellet central heating/hot water system for some years and have never regretted it. High quality build, very clean, easy to maintain and very good service from their local rep.

You can find the contact details for your local Okofen rep here Just enter your post code.

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Hi Brian, thank you for your post. We are looking at buying a property to renovate and want to install an AGA and your post interests us. Could you pass on any further details please we currently live 30 minutes from Toulouse.

Hi thanks for the post am not bothered about automated pellet supply I like to keep fit so that option am not to bothered about

We’re renovating a house in the Hautes Alpes at the moment. We have fitted a manual pellet burner in the front room which is fabulous. Its a Hoben (French make) and was fitted by a local installer. For the main central heating system, we’ve had an automatic pellet system fitted made by Froeling, a leading Austrian company with pellet burners. It also links into a solar system. Would really recommend it.

Hi Richard

We bought our AGA from a company called Moreland cookers in the UK. That
was about two years ago and they had an engineer who is English but lives
in Normandy. He collected the AGA delivered and then fitted it within a
day. He works all over Europe for them. It was a fixed cost of 1K for him
to do this.

We’re very pleased with the AGA and the service. I have attached a picture
for you.

We are currently renovating our farmhouse in Brittany. Bit of a trot from
you or you could have dropped by.

If you are renovating and I can help do get in touch. It’s a bit of a steep
learning curve.



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We are currently looking at a 4 bedroom 2 living rooms a kitchen house at approximately 180m2, we would be looking at radiators in every room, could you give an estimate of what the cost would be,what size system have you got for size of house?



I already live in Toulouse and have for over a year now so quite clued up on temps I am going to have a second cooker :+1:

Hi Richard,
We purchased and had a Pellet Stove installed. We found the store would not honor the warranty unless installed by a Certified Tech. Which required us to purchase the part through them, expensive! Some Insurance Companies will not honor a claim if not done this way. We find the stove very efficient and it does a fabulous job.

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When I first moved to France I thought that I would miss my beloved Aga but found that with the long hot summers and short few winter months it would of been a complete waste of money which could be better spent elsewhere for heating or cooking, would only contemplate if I was living in the alpine region not SW France which is where I live, hope this helps.

My Aga is being switched on tonight and will run until April. It’s certainly not a waste of money, it’s practical, great to cook on and one of the best things about the winter months.

A friend up the road has had an Aga installed for 2 years now… and she (and we) consider it a resounding success.

When she moved here nearly 10 years ago, she thought it would not be necessary… had an ordinary stove (gas hob/electric oven) but found that she missed the all-round warmth of an Aga…and she particularly missed the Aga “cooking”, which is very special indeed.

Although she has central heating as a back-up… for the most part, the Aga copes with most of the winter chills…and so she spends less on oil … leaving more for wine (yippee)…:heart_eyes:

my situation is not suitable for an Aga…or I would be sorely tempted myself.

For anyone considering a source of constant low level background heat (as opposed to the more raging on/off firebox type) these look very interesting.

Stay cosy peeps :slight_smile: