Pellet stoves,

Does anyone out there have experience with pellet stoves. I've moved in to my two room apartment (I'm a painter) and would like to use an additional form of heating. I currently have an airco/heating system which works but I'm concerned about the amount electricity I'm using. Any comments, ideas would be welcome. Thanks

You can either have a huge reservoir which, oviously cuts down the cost of he pellets and self feeds, or buy bags.They are much more controllable and timable, but they do have a fan which makes a noise.

We don't but know several people who do and they are absolutely brilliant. The last one we saw that a friend had installed this summer has a reservoir that self feeds the pellets in. They are cheap and efficient, beat our wood stove hands down. Gas conversion burners (put logs, pellets, garden waste, old paper or whatever in) are even better but cost a fair bit more.