Pension Payment

Morning All

This is my first year of receiving my state pension.

It is due on 27th Dec, will it arrive on that date or do you get paid early for Xmas ?


As I recall, it’s simply every 4 weeks… regardless… but we do get the £10 Christmas Bonus… yippee… that hit the bank a week or so ago…

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Thanks Stella

Yes the £10 bonus burnt a hole in my pocket.


Don’t shout about that huge bonus, you’ll make people jealous! I think it no longer applies to non-resident pensioners who are not protected by the withdrawal agreement.

Article / schedule below:

Was your £10, the compensation for the mendacious way the UK government did a triple flip and back somersault when calculating winter temperatures in France (by including France’s remote islands in hot oceans), in order to deprive you of your £300 winter fuel allowance?


Thanks Nigel


Hi Karen

I believe that was the work of the great humanitarian Ian Duncan Smith



Wondered what the £10 was for!
And don’t hold your breath that you might get your P money early…its an automated system, though I can’t recall what happens if the four weekly payment is due on a Sunday! Guess the same principle for 27th Dec will apply.

Have you had a letter telling you what you will get and when, my other half has been led a merry dance regarding her pension. Birth date 1 December submitted claim three months ago, and phoned numerous times, and all we get is you just have to wait.

There’s been a big scandal apparently, I read in financial industry press around September the DWP has not started a lot of pensions on time. It was reported as the DWP being terribly sorry with a statement of having recruited people and expected to get caught up in a couple of months IIRC.

Meanwhile people were reported as having been thrown off other benefits they’d been claiming, because they were now qualified to receive their state pension. But their state pension was not being started on time and some had been waiting months. (Do they pay in arrears as well, anyway?).

I’d keep chasing if I were you


Unfortunately they are legally France just like any other bit of the mainland - I do agree that they should just use the figures for France metropolitaine though.

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The late payment problems have allegedly been fixed now -

Not been fixed yet, still no word from them, and the phone calls are a waste of time, all they say is dont know why you have been told that, and then say it will come when it comes just be patient, email to our MP in the UK next.

I turned 66 at the end of August. Received a letter from DWP in June , outlining my entitlements and my frequency of payments which are 4 weekly, my first payment being a short payment on 6 sept. They gave me a code which I used on their gateway Get your State Pension - GOV.UK . I used the code which took me to my pension page where I had to enter personal details and my bank account details. A week later I received a letter confirming everything was OK, and I’ve been paid every 4 weeks ever since. If you havent received a letter you can use the portal within 4 months of retiring, but you have to go through the government portal id checks. I was lucky in getting the letter as a I was in the middle of removals to France when I received it, but my S1 came to France without me needing to apply.

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You may be better off emailing the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Dr) The Rt Hon. Thérèse Coffey

or perhaps the members of the Select Committee for Work and Pensions:


I would tweet her - public challenge to sort it out !


If paid late then surely you’d have a right to statutory interest? Currently 8% per annum

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Payments are made by computer generated deposits to bank-accounts. I doubt the computers have been reprogrammed just to send early contributions before Christmas - they have never done so in the past … !

Just a quick heads up my pension due on the 29th has just been put in my uk bank account, so the uk gov must be putting payments through early rather than in arrears.

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