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Hi there,
HI there i’m Australian citizen and NZ :slight_smile: where do i look for information on what would happen to my pension in Australia if i die in France…is it the same or no as Australia is not European? I receive a Total Permanent Disability Benefit in Australia (for next 6 years ) which i then transfer to my French bank via Transferwise who are best so far but i still lose 25% - this benefit is NOT taxed. Please point me in the right direction to learn more. My apologies in advance if this is not the right place to ask Many thanks lesley

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Thanks. Managed to read it all.

Always good info you provide this community with.

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Hi - new to the forum could anyone let me know the tax implications of moving to France When i retire in two years time I’ll be receiving a U.K. Police pension using the lump sum to purchase a home and hoping to live on the monthly pension ( which will be subject to U.K. tax) - will my monthly pension be subject to French income tax ? Thanks

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@Brian_Furzer is this something you can offer advice on please?

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I am not a tax adviser, however I do have a government pension. My experience of the french tax system is that my pension has been treated as follows for past 5 years…

There is a list of which pensions are classed as government pensions, and as such are not liable to tax or social charges in France. You do have to declare them, as the amount it used in setting your tax threshold.

The list is here…

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Thanks for your reply.

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No landline available?

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Hello Kenneth 05 46 48 97 73 or give me your number and I will call you.

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Hello all,

We are resident in France and micro entrepreneurs. We are looking into claiming our government pensions, which we know are not subject to French tax or social charges under DTC. I know the lump sum which is tax free in U.K. is not here, but can be declared as a one off exceptional,payment and declared over four years. Does anyone know how this affects the social charges due or not due?
Thanks in anticipation of some clarification.