Pension positions in online tax form

Hi, Has any one worked out where the British state pension and the British “pension gouvermentale” (the likes of teachers pensions, police pensions, uuniversity pensions, etc) go in the new online tax forms ?. I got into a right mess last year.

Your teachers pension goes in -

Section 1. 1AL/1AM and cross Public box

Section 6. 8TK

Section 1. 1AL

Section 8. 8TK

Tax paid in the uk; entering in the 8TK box will produce a Tax credit in France, so you will not pay twice under the Taxation Treaty.

THanks, Graham, I’ll give it a go. We have State pensions and a French pension, too. Do we have to put the total anywhere?

Sorry, not sure where the French pension amounts go in the scheme of things.
Aren’t French pensions subject to CSG whereas UK pensions are not ? If so, lumping the two together might produce an undesirable result…


As always… a discussion with the local Tax Office will provide the answer… and then you can tell the rest of us for future information … please… :wink::relaxed:

(I am presuming you have already downloaded and thoroughly checked the Information/Notes documents that are available for on-line folk… can be a minefield. :persevere: )