Pensions query

Hi All,
I have been reading as much as I can find, and think i will eventually have to create a massive flow chart to navigate and understand systems Francais,
(Although Brexit may have a hand in upsetting the apple cart, we can only go on what we have).
I don’t mind all sorts of comments, because it can often trigger other questions i need to find answers for.

I have questions for different areas, so need to split them up…although they do relate/ have dependency from one to another.
To my point(s)
When i reach UK retirement age and pension AND decide to reside permanently in France.

  1. Will my UK pension taxed by France…
  2. I also have a current UK forces pension, I know this would be taxed by UK, but i use up my tax allowance through this first… will this also be taxed by France ?

Hi Glenn

When you are a French Resident…you declare everything you receive (from wherever)… on a Tax Declaration here in France. France Tax folk work out your tax liability… and… at that moment… look to see what Tax (if any) you have already paid in UK …if France reckons you should pay more… France will charge you the difference…

This is a rough guide… works for me… UK and France have an agreement about each country offsetting the Tax paid in the other country.

Others will come in with more details…

Which country each specific source of income is taxed in, is set out in the dual tax treaty between the countries concerned. I don’t think Brexit will change this agreement. Under the France-UK DTA, UK state old age pensions are taxable in France, whereas government pensions are taxable in the UK. You won’t be taxed twice, but as Stella says you do have to declare everything in France so that your total household income can be calculated.

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Thank you both, it makes sense :slight_smile: