Pensions ...the variations

In Germany the state pensionis about 25.000 pounds.
In France it is around 15.000 pounds and UK 7,500.
Can you LIVE on 7,500?
Not everyone has been able to save much.
Or secrure private plans, properties and inheritance.

According to the FCA that’s exactly what 15 million people will have to do.
Here’s the article…


It might be helpful if you would tell us the source of the information you are quoting…and to whom your question is directed…

(Germany and France use Euro. It is only UK that uses £’s.)

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Directed at any one who wishes to read it.
Well source of imformation not the Daily mail, Variety or the Caterer
and Hotel Keeper.

So what is the source… it would be interesting to read the rest of the information… and take everything in context.

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I read this today on MSN.
And from what I gather it seems to be correct
BASIC UK pension very well known.
The basic French pension…for full tremetsers is around 15.000
having discussed this with French fiends and other sources.
Germany well this I, personally have no knowledge of…

Thanks Barbara.

I am aware of retired Brits returning to UK as they reckon they will be eligible for financial aid…presumably due to the low amount of their basic UK pension…

It seems a great step to take…does anyone know if that really works out OK?

I was really thinking about managing on 7,500 here…any where,
But do remember that an elderly person who goes to live in a care home
will need to support the payment of their care and accom, By selling any property
they own…if not it is a duty for their children…if they have any,

Care home costs per annum, ÂŁ30,000 to astronomical.

That’s interesting Barbara. Would like to read more about this but can’t seem to find the article on MSN. Are you able to post the link please?

Sorry I can not post links…and not sure if I can find it again.
But it was there.
30.000 is a lot of money…a lot of money for horrid food and poor
Something needs to be done to change this. It is exploitation and immoral.

Sorry Barbara, you have lost me… who is paying 30,000 for horrid food and poor care… ???

This is a basic cost of a yearly stay in a care home in UK.

I think I would choose one with decent food and good care…:relieved: … so I had better stay in France… :smile:

me too.
I was not planning to leave.

I have done a little research and I’m not sure how you arrived at £15,000 for the French state pension. It’s a very different system, based on the previous earnings of each retiree, which means that the amount received is specific for each person. There is an absolute minimum which seems to be about the same as the UK state pension but most people will receive more than that.

It all seems much more complicated in France - there’s a surprise!!

Here’s a link (in English) which explains it all if anyone is interested:

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well I have spoken to French people…maybe they do not know much about it?

It is complicated …it all is…
but the avearage is 15.000.

AFAIK most countries do an individual calcuation for each person based on your salary while you were working. I think the UK is unusual in having a fixed amount for the state pension regardless of how much you earned / contributed during your working life.

So comparing like for like is difficult because there will be a lot of variations from one person to the next in most countries.


How is this average calculated, and by whom ?