Pensions ...the variations

This reminds me of a situation that arose many years ago… no names, no pack drill.

There was a programme on TV which talked about just how much a person (at a certain level) was paid.

Subsequently, an elderly lady phoned her brother…and hauled him over the coals…“I know how much you earn…they’ve been discussing it on TV… you could give me more help than you do !!” He had to explain to her that his salary did not resemble that being discussed on the TV…but she insisted she was right…it was on TV… it must be True !

We all laughed a lot… but she never did see the joke. :smile:


No I guesse that she was too tired and too fed up to see the joke.
Seeing how badly older peoople are treated in Uk …especially.
Well the TV with all of its blemishes may be all she had to keep her
Never mock the TV itcould be saving lives.

Oh Barbara… the joke was two-fold… the TV info was a load of rubbish (so often is)…and the lady had much more than her long-suffering brother…:smile:

Two of my close friends are a German couple in their seventies. I’ve never asked them what their pension income is but they certainly don’t give the impression of having €50000 a year to live off. Dangerous things facts without support.


I agree David. I don’t mind fair criticism of the UK (I do it all the time) but not if it’s based on spurious “facts”.

oh David not dangerous …that is serious is it not.
Nothing is for sure what we read is it?
Could be fake news.
Could be that american planting info.
What is he up to now.

I’ve started to read the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury and, even if half of it is true, then Trump is a seriously bizarre and messed up individual.

Well defend UK if you like and it does well in many ways but itcertainly does
not seem to be organised at this moment.
The NHS is is dire strates and the gov a bit of a joke.
Still there is a wedding to look forward to.
Nothing like a good wedding.

Sadly, Barbara… it is indeed dangerous…

Stuff being bandied about by TV, Press and even word-of-mouth…can whip up a storm… and often for no good reason.

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Are there we are Mandy…Fake news or not.
Hate the word actually it remindeds me of the man himself
with his yellow blamange type whiff of hair growing madly
In the wrongdirection. Still he can not have every thing brains
as well as beauty.

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Yes plenty of storms in our area Stella…
We are in the same region?

Already heartily sick of the Royal wedding nonsense. Can’t wait for it be over with. There will be the fuss of the new baby before that of course.

I’m not defending the UK at all, just want to save my criticism for when it’s earned and when it’s fair. There’s plenty to legitimately criticise already!

Agree Stella. You only need to look at all the misleading information at the time of the referendum to see the result of people listening to false facts. I know many people who voted to leave based on the NHS promise of £350m a week, for example, despite what those corrupt politicians say.


To get back to the original topic…The amount received by pensioners in other countries in surely immaterial to the UK pensioners…

Everyone in UK knows what pension they are paying towards, if they are employed (or self-employed) and paying their stamp… The figures are published regularly…nothing is hidden. Many folk pay into extra pensions…or save a little if they can…and if they wish to.

So when retirement comes… there are no surprises…and each of us has to manage our expenditure (as best we can) based on what we receive.

The original topic was the varied amounts of payment made to pensioners when they retire.
I do agree that people need to live within their means and if youcan not afford to by booze and
ciggies then you just can not buy them/
But there are people who do not earn enough to save.
Wr came across the question on my last topic that a car was almost necessary.
Well it is in rural parts.You either maintain a car or you can not get around unless
you want to burden your neighbours every time you need provisions or take a visit
to doctor, hospital etc.
Without a car you become housebound.
So if you have a job which pays you just enough to live on how can you save for
a pension days.
If you manage to have your own property and you sell and downsize you may have
a sum of money left to help you with your future.

In Germany and France, payscales and living expenses are different…and how the Pension is paid for is different too…

My point is …why bother to compare ???

Reference your comments about cars:

In France, in rural areas, communities work together more often than not. If a number of folk are heading in the same direction (eg the market) … everyone bundles into as few cars as possible. Likewise, someone without transport /or unable to drive is helped… and this community spirit goes beyond cars. eg:.if someone is ill the word goes around and those who can help will do whatever is necessary.

This sort of thing is not “being a burden” this is common sense and decency… and, thankfully, it certainly still exists in my area.

I understand that life was like this in parts of UK many years ago … neighbours knew and helped one another. A good way to live.


The comparisons are pointless as countries calculate pensions differently. Germany’s is based on average earnings over your working life time and the current average pension is £15k not £25k and Germans pay far more in contributions than workers in the UK.

Yes this kindness is the sort of kindness you saw in UK once upon a time.
Yes I agree it is nice to help neighbours and friends and we do it here…
but it is not always possible.
And sometimes the person recieving had has nothing to oiffer in return…this is
very hard, To go on receiving and not giving.
A smile and a thank you is nice but not always enough.
But you have a car Stella?

Perhaps we can not compare!
But Istill say that it is not possble to live on 7 or 8 thousand euros.

Depends on what country you live in. In Asia this is a small fortune :wink: