Pensions ...the variations

(Barbara Deane) #121

Just a question Tim.
per persion…yes I know but it does by very little.

(Giesela Homa) #122

Sorry to tell you that the info about the German pensions is a dream but not reality. The majority of Germans receive after 40 or 45 years of uninterrupted work a pension in the realm of 700 to 1500 a month. they then have to pay for health insurance and taxes. the average French pension is higher than in Germany. In Germany I was refused to enter the obligatory health insurance because I stayed abroad over 15 years and therefore would have had to pay about 700 Euro privat health insurance. It is not easy for many people who live just on their pensions.

(Carol Lokocki) #124

Barbara are you speaking about 7000 euros per month?
For example my husband and myself receive a monthly pension of less than half of 7000 euros per month and manage to live on this amount like everybody does.
My husband is 81 years old and he was a pilot in the french air force for many years.
He has worked damned hard to bring up five children, send them to decent schools .
We have never used the social aids in france but working hard and not throwing our money out of the window.
If my husband passes before me (i certainly hope not) I will receive a pension de reversion which amounts to half of what he gets now. As i worked very little as a nurse in france i have a pension of 350 euros per month. And 134 euos from england when I worked over there; before settling down in france and getting married to my husband.
51 years of married life and i would start all over again.

(stella wood) #125

Carol… I think you will find Barbara is speaking of annual income…

(Barbara Deane) #126

Yes i am.
And Carol please do not leave SF…it is a good place to meet.

(Carol Lokocki) #127

You mean 7000 euros per annum nobody can live on that amount unless you live in a log cabin in thé middle of nowhere.the poorest of people i know liv e on 600 euros a month ,wé try and help them out it is dreadful To see our peers in this situation

(Carol Lokocki) #128

Ok Barbara i must say i belong To thé group of old gits

(Carol Lokocki) #129

This i.e. worrying me Barbara with 7000 euros /annum it Will leave you with 586 euros per month . I truly hope you have money stashed away hoping for better days

(Timothy Cole) #130

Barbara doesn’t live on 7k a year.

(Carol Lokocki) #131

Jolly good Tim now i can have a good night sleep.

(Barbara Deane) #132

Now the nonsense is spreading!

(Carol Lokocki) #133

Oh gosh you a re talking a bout thé UK pensions not the french pensions.

(Barbara Deane) #134

Now how sure of you of that. You are making all sorts of assumptions.

(Timothy Cole) #135

Apologies Barbara, I thought you and your partner ran an upmarket gite in the Dordogne hence my assumption.

(Barbara Deane) #136

You spoke about my income.
Not about his! My partner.
Of course I help because I would hate to be idle.
If you think that there is a grand profit in running an upmarket gite
or b and b …think again.
Repairs and renewals…keeping everything new and fresh.
That is not linen and towels that is furniture and and the garden…
We get by …no handouts…and no work makes Jack a dull boy.
And taxes…5 of them.
Oh and massive gas and electricity bills.

(Timothy Cole) #137

I’ve obviously touched a nerve so will now bow out of this discussion.

(Barbara Deane) #138

Because most of you decide not believe me.
Not every one goes to tea dances, spends their days cooking fairy
cakes for their kids or play computer games.
My work has been important to me why should I stop.

(Véronique Langlands) #139

? I don’t think many people spend their days doing the activities described. And I should think most people feel that their work is important to them and might resent the implications of what you have written.

I am sorry Barbara if you feel ‘got at’ but it seems that it is often difficult for many people to discuss things with you without a bit of ill- feeling (due to misunderstanding) developing on both sides, because the goal-posts seem to shift rather a lot.

(Barbara Deane) #140

There are no goal posts!

You seem to be misunderstanding now, actually as I said
that the reason I work is because my work has been so important
to me.

Not that the work of others is unimportant.

Every ones job is relevant and understood more closely by those
who perform the daily duties.
Of course you are a teacher and you know something of the
militant life of a chef…especially a good one.

(Andrew Hearne) #141

Barking, fruitcakes, clouds and cookoos, sorry haven’t got time to write much more, need to get back to work, oh and then there are the kids to sort out too. Cup cakes; I wouldn’t have a clue how to make a cup cake or the time to do it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: