Perigord Blanc - more Doctors on the way

This is surely a good move… and hopefully, more centres like this will come on board…

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That is good news! It is a shame they don’t help out the centres that already exist. While we are close enough to use this (and I’ll probably try them as my dr only works Mon-Wed) it is a shame we have a gorgeous new medical centre that had a dr when we arrived but she left maybe 4 years ago and has never been replaced. Would be great if there was some dpartmental help to fill those sort of places too.

If you sign up at a new drs like this do you have to put them down as your MT, particularly for me as I already have one? So I mean can you still be a patient and on theier books without having them as your MT?

Link went a bit wibbly wobbly as I am set to local France Bleu, so couldn’t see/hear it. But does the new centre have staff? We have a lovely new centre with no doctors (well one now that they coaxed out of retirement who only deals with a few patients)!! But thankfully great nurses and kinés, so that’s been a bonus even if my doctor is still 25km away.

Tory, you can book appointments with other doctors apart from your MT, but you’ll pay more. And they have the right to refuse.

(Edit: managed to get transcript, so yippee you do have 3 FTE doctors. But paid by department so not replicable elsewhere sadly, and by the sound of it time limited.)

Interesting in our area that the local medical centre, set up by the MT who left and was then (mercifully) replaced is being bought by the local commune in an effort to ensure longevity… I wonder if that will catch on more widely :thinking: