Permis de conduire

I changed my GB driving licence for a French one in 2014. I have just noticed that it expires this year in July. Shock!
Has anyone faced renewal of their French licence?

French driving licences issued at that time did not have an expiry date IIRC.
What you may find is that the licence covered other aspects which do require renewal such as towing ‘heavy’ trailers and HGVs which, if not renewed (because you no longer require the facility) fall into disuse but your basic licence to drive a car (or motorcycle) continue without further action on your part.

Oh… is it a plastic “credit card size” one then… my paper French permit does not have an expiry date.

All things being equal, you should have no problems renewing it…

Open up the pdf on this link… and away you go… :wink:

Thanks Graham, the licence is the plastic one and has an expiry date…
I’ll go online and see what’s to be done.

It is a plastic one and has an expiry date.
I’ll have a look at the link you provided.
Thank you.

keep the old ones…they never expire

Hello, I didnt have an old one( French)
I swapped my uk one for a French one.

its plastic.

Yes, there was a change-over from paper to plastic…can’t recall which year… then all new applicants were automatically given plastic.

We changed our UK ones (finally) and got a paper one, just before the change…

Everyone was “supposed” to be getting their paper changed to plastic… then, it was decided that the system was flooded…:thinking: so we were told to hang-on … please wait until you are “called for”… :hugs: and we are still waiting… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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thank you.

The old paper ones in France have no limit of validity. The new plastic ones do. There is (so far) no obligation to change to plastic ones.

Hi Phillip… there was a move, back in 2012 I think… but it was quickly rescinded due to overloading… as I have said… :hugs:

Hello, I’ve been looking on the gouve fr website and only found a PDF to download, fill in and send off .
The permis I have is plastic, got it in 2014 when I changed from UK licence to a French one. It expires July this year so only valid for 5 years from what I can make out. I don’t drive a PSV or heavy goods, just a car .I cannot find any info, only if disqualified, lost, stolen. Not a straight renewal .