Permit to demolish?

Hello everyone, on the property I am buying a house that has a pigery but the roof has caved in and walls are loose, do I need a permit to demolish even though I may keep the bread oven in there and the back it’s just the rest I want to demolish, the house is in the sticks and no chateau in sight. Will I still need to apply for permis de démolir


Hi @Pete1

It’s always a good idea to check things with the Mairie. Even if you do not need permission… you are (perhaps) paying Rates on the building… so, if you “officially” demolish it… you might get your Rates reduced… I’ve no idea what your situation is… but it cannot hurt to check this aspect out… :wink:

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As said - yes you should, so that the cadastral plan can be updated. This is a detailed map that covers the whole of France, with every road, building, property boundaries etc marked on it, and each commune uses their own section of the plan whenever they or their residents need to refer to it for any kind of planning issues, and aso as Stella says for property tax matters. As long as your pig sty is not a protected building it’s not so much a case of asking for permission, as of making sure that everybody is aware that you are pulling it down. Otherwise if buildings are knocked down and nobody is informed, the cadastral plan will end up out of date showing buildings that aren’t there and not showing new extensions etc that have gone up.

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if its a soild building just take it down as if you have it removed from the plans it will take away the right to build on that land and you would need to reapply for planning permission in the future.

Know someone that did this knocked a building down then 5 years wanted to build there and as they ahd it removed from the plans had to apply for planning permission which was declined as the land was classed as agricultural and n onew building or extensions were allowed.

If you declare a building derelict but keep it n the plans it can reduce the taxes you pay though.

@Pete1 and @anon54681821

No-one should “just take it down”. That is not good advice… and could result in real trouble.

The best advice is to go to the Mairie and discuss what the Owner wants to do and why… the ramifications of full or partial demolition should be fully investigated… and then the Owner follows the correct guidelines to do whatever …

What right is it going to take away? A pig sty is an agricultural buidling. The fact that there is a pig sty there, either on paper or in reality, doesn’t give you any rights to build anything on that land except another pig sty.

I suppose it depends on how on the ball the mayor is. but I’m pretty sure that if our mayor happened to see signs of someone starting major buiilding work that he hadn’t seen any application for, he wouldn’t turn a blind eye.

It’s part of the declaration prealable (CERFA 13703*6). Fill the right part in, submit to Mairie with photos, wait a month and if you hear nothing, go ahead and knock it down.

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i’m not suggesting to just do it without telling anyone im saying do not have plans altered as it will block any future ability to just build on that area.

To go down the route of adjusting plans changes what you have an then you would need to re apply for permissions to build something.

I am about to be going through this myself as we have buildings up we do not need at present and also a large area where building use to be and we were told to not chance plans as we are in a designated no new buildings area. As our land is also tax free as the dogs we home have full access to every area we also pay no tax on that.

@Anna we are about to remove old chicken houses and when we get round to it it will be turned into a cattery there is nothing stopping you using the building for anything else such as say storage sheds, so long as you dont try to turn an agricultural building into a house.

If you change the plans on the land register so it is no longer there it is like it never existed. As with anything on “agricultural land” most part you cannot make it into a human habitation without permissions but its quite easy to turn it into say a workshop or swimming pool changing as they are not classed the same as a habitation unit.

As I said (maybe ill add a few more words) Tell marie your taking it down but may have plans to do something later with it. Do not get it removed from plans is my advice

Harry… The Mairie is a good starting point…for whatever…they are there to help.

We often get folk asking what they can and cannot do… before they decide whether or not to actually buy the property.

Always best to make a decision based on clear information.

yes i was just saying not to have it taken on the building plans as never know when you might want to make use of it again.

As I am going through this with 2 out building we are going to take down to rebuild at a later stage its very important to us also to get it right as we need to reuse then structure plot at a later stage.

Our Mairie is asking folk who will want to build in the next few years… to let them know, so the info can be considered when deciding on which areas of the commune to make “buildable” and which areas to be “non-building” in the new Commune Plan of 2020…

Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated