Person to re-upholster my 2 settee

**I am looking for a good person to re-cover my 3 seater seater and 2 seater settee **
I have the material, and would not rip me off.
Please PM me if you know of anyone

Where are you? :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking for an upholsterer…???

We use the local chap who redoes car interiors (sellerie)… he reupholsters the seats of virtually anything you can think of… and does a superb job.
Yellow Pages: Selliers garnisseurs
Yellow Pages: Tapissiers- décorateurs… you need to check on down to find which ones redo upholstery…

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I am in the 33580 department, N. Monsegur/Duras. I am on the boarders of the Dordogne, Lot et Garrone and Girdone.
Thank you

Hi Stella, DOes your guy have a conact number, where is he?

Sorry, much too far away from you… but you do have several upholsterers in your area, according to Google and Yellow Pages…

Why not ask the neighbours… local opinion can be invaluable.’ATELIER-DE-SOPHIE

Too far Laraine, Redon 35, Good Luck, hope you find someone close. :slightly_smiling_face:

2 in Bergerac, Le Vieux Pouf and another, can’t remember what he’s called, Monsieur Lumeau?? on the Le Fleix road.

Thank you Bill. Best Laraine