Personal furniture to the UK

Apologies if this has been covered before, but it seems the vast majority of posts concern either people bringing items into France, or relate to temporary travel.

A French friend’s son lives and works in London. His father, my friend, is an excellent cabinetmaker, and has renovated some furniture which belongs to the son. He intends to take it over to him shortly.

I’ve looked at the guidance, and it’s no help. These are personal possessions not business goods, but as they have been in the son’s ownership a long time there is no purchase documentation, and no definitive idea of value. The father wants to be up front and honest, but I can’t see how he can complete a customs declaration. The items are no doubt worth more than £390 - but he has no idea how much and they weren’t bought with Euros.

Any ideas?

Sorry no idea! Who will be transporting it?

How on earth is one supposed to put a value on family furniture??? Fair enough if one has “known antiques”… but other than that, it’s just secondhand stuff with (to my mind) no value to anyone else. I’ve got stuff from my ex-MiLaw, no value to anyone except as firewood… to me it’s priceless but not to be declared as such… it’s true value is Zero.

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He will himself. Unfortunately he has little or no English although obviously his son does. I may suggest the son pops over here and goes with him!