Pesticides - minimum distance for public safety

This is a bit too close for my liking

This Maire has the right idea (in my opinion):
M. Cueff a pris le 18 mai un arrêté interdisant l’utilisation de produits phytopharmaceutiques “à une distance inférieure à 150 mètres de toute parcelle cadastrale comprenant un bâtiment à usage d’habitation ou professionnel”. Ce texte a été suspendu le mardi 27 août par le tribunal administratif de Rennes.

Macron suggested a change in the Law was necessary - and they’ve come up with even less than was demanded… beggars belief.

5-10 metres! Sometimes when the farmers are spraying round here and it’s windy 150m is probably not enough. Our farmer neighbours idea of safety equipment when spraying on his tractor is a pair of ear defenders!

:zipper_mouth_face::rage: Ridiculous !

I believe that Mairies can put their own tweak on whatever comes into Law, (according to weather conditions etc ) but I would like to see a more sensible distance in the first place…