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Very strange!!
I was actually writing an email to someone else when your reply was posted!!
I must admit that you seem to have got to the heart of the matter in a very succinct manner. This IS the problem with many insurers, not just with pet policies, the major offender being so called “Key man policies” and “health policies” !!
The FSA have tried to address the problem with their maxim of “Treating Customers Fairly” doctrine, but there is a long way to go.
Here I point out that I, as an “insurer” am in business and I am not a charity. HOWEVER, our philosophy is not one based upon the maximisation of profits at the expense of client service levels. Nor one, for that matter based upon by screwing employees, but rather upn a long term and FAIR approach to business, which can be related to the so called “Bio-mimicry” approach to economic models.
Sorry to go on, but this is something that really annoys me. There is just no need to be continually greedy!!
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Thank you for taking the time to review and my webmistress will love your comment!
As for “headline” rates, it is the same old story!
When you look closely at the cover that you ACTUALLY get, you realise that it is not worth a great deal!
Just to compare…To insure a 4yr old “Lab” to their maximum value, which is 1/4 of the value we offer, would actually cost 357€ a year. (By the way they will insot insure any pet that is “too old” !!
Our plan will do more than they offer at 199€ for 10,0000 of cover fo a dog!!
If you try out their subscription on line the best deal you can get for a 5 yr old Labrador is 198 per year which will give you total annual cover of 1000€ !!! Not really perhaps what you thought you might have been getting!!
The problem is that many people get taken in by headline rates, without reading the (Very) small print! Then when they need the cover they find it just is not there!
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I’ve only just joined this network and while having a casual look about saw your site, and clicked through to it. It appeals to me and I don’t have any pets to insure! I like the colours, layout and ease of navigation.

You asked Suzanne if she thought your plan was too cheap, and coincidently I’ve just received an email from, with a headline offer of pet insurance from 12,10€ a month. Having no pets this means very little to me, but you may like to have a look if you don’t already know this firm.



good looking site. Are you available by phone or Skype? Like to have a quick chat if possible about the site and your plans to promote it (don’t worry, not selling anything).


Thanks again!!
You mention the numbers of pets in France. Strangely there are about the same in the UK as in France.
There are however differences: There are far more Vets in France dealing only with dogs and cats. There are Far more dog parlours here than in the UK. Pedigree sales in France are far higher than in the UK, and the French spend more per capita on pets than in the UK !!
And the Brits think THEY are a nation of dog lovers!!
On the insurance side, about 20% of dog owners in the UK have vet cover. In france it is only 1.3% !! The reason…Up to now cover on offer has been low and premiums very high!!
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Suzanne, THANK YOU!!!
No biting of heads from this end. Unless people are honest then I could not improve the layout etc.
Your point on the “Covers your Pet in France and anywhere in the EU when you are on holiday” is well taken and I will change to read “Covers your Pet in France and, when you are on holiday, anywhere in the EU”.
Glad to see you like the easy to use aspects.
ONly issue I have is “Is it too cheap”??
Most French Pet policies offer far less cover and charge much more, probably because the market here is not “savvy” and high profits are being taken by agents.
We designed the policy using 25 years worth of UK data and priced accordingly. Our bottom line is less, but hopefully, the competition will take quite a while to react and lower their prices. The only issue here is whether or not potential buyers will say “Its too cheap, there must be something wrong”!!
Any ideas??
Sorry to pick your brains but you did comment once!!!
Anyone else got a comment??
Once again thanks