Petition: Support The Overseas Electors Bill


Sadly, the “voice of the people” has no effect on the UK Parliament.

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Sadly, I also agree with Graham.

I have signed several of these petitions over the last couple of years. Every single one has been ignored by the government.

You can only hope they take on board the views of the voters, but I fear the age of representative democracy is on it’s way out.

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Well that’s a shame.

Maybe this government is ignoring these petitions in the hope that people will give up and stop bothering to sign them. It seems this strategy is working for some.

I think it is still worth taking the 30 seconds required to sign these things as sufficient signatures means they have to at least be considered by parliament. It ensures they don’t just get quietly forgotten.

I hope others will on here will sign especially those that mention it from time to time.

They don’t ignore them - they do exactly what they say which is to respond or consider a debate depending on the number of respondents. The trouble is that there is no promise to do anything and the response or outcome of the debate is simply to state why government policy on the matter is corect.

So you are, I think, correct in that no petition registered on the government web site has ever significantly altered the direction that the government wishes to take and they are, consequently, a bit of a pointless exercise.

Frankly, after nearly 12 years here in France, this bresxshit stuff, and a burning desire to dump the UK in the middle of the north sea where it clearly belongs, I couldn’t care less if I never voted in one of their elections ever again.

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This no longer affects me as I don’t live in France any more.

I just posted the petition for those that may be interested in signing it.

I know, Paul, what the government does when these petitions reach 10,000 and 100,000 signatures. I was just responding to the previous comment about them being ignored.

Signed and shared.

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