Petition to Save the Bees at

Please go to where they have an-on-line petition to save bees from a chemical produced by Bayer in Germany and which is having a devastating effect upon them.

Our poor bees have enough to contend with without this toxic chemical, which has been banned in certain countries.

The link is : save the bees db/tta

Sorry, Julie, you are obviously more up on this one tha n me.

This just came up through Avaaz and Catherine thought it would be a good ides to get as many to sign as possible and to start a discussion, so if the CO speaks, we march!

Well done Jane, I just found the petition via another forum - I was going to post on here but luckily I thought to search first! I signed it and shared it on my Facebook page too :-)

Signed with nobs on!

signed ;-)