Petitions calling for Debates

“Petitions debates cannot change the law and do not end in a vote to implement the request of the petition.”

I am at a loss… what is the point of signing Petitions if they can get nowhere…even after debating…

Morning Stella

Have signed several over the last couple of years, and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I now think they are a bit of a sop to the public



DH got an email yesterday saying that (6 months after the petition) they would bring up the subject of ‘postponing Brexit until the Covid crisis has past’ - errr bit late now :roll_eyes:

The only use of them I can see is to indicate the way public feeling is going, and hopefully encourage policy makers to think.

And I think on a rare few occasions a petition has lead to a debate which had led to a private members bill which has led to a change in law.

Agreed they are not debated in the House, but in Westminster Hall.
Democracy in UK was already under threat with this, as you say sop, but now it is becoming much more serious.

The PMB which the Tories supported to give us a change in electoral law and to change the fifteen year rule was talked out by a Europe hater.
Rare occasion indeed.

There are 10 (maybe 13?) PMBs a session. Only one or maybe two ever get through, so it is an imperfect road, but at least it exists…