Petrol sales - (update 16th June) ...Ban has been reversed

I’m surprised that no one in the Charente has picked up on this.

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Not surprised at the ruling… difficult times… World Cup… tensions mounting…last thing anyone wants is petrol on the rampage…

But, you are right… I haven’t seen anything about this…

I wonder if it is also happening anywhere else :thinking:

@Helen6 I hope this doesn’t affect your trip to collect your son.


Thank you so much for thinking of us Mandy…is it saying there will be a stop on filling up jerrycans…??? (My French isn’t fabulous)

I was at the garage again this morning…My Renault will probably not be ready until the end of next week so the owner of the garage had my Volvo on ramps again to check it over for my trip to Dinard airport on Tuesday…(again no charge…such a nice family…)

Then I went to Super-U and filled the tank to the top with petrol…so I’m all ready to go get him…x :slight_smile:


Yes Helen. You can’t fill jerrycans during the World Cup. Although this is for the Charente so you will have to see if it applies where you are. Looks like you are all sorted out now anyway so probably don’t need to bother.

Hope you have a lovely time with your son.

I’ll have a look…I’m in Morbihan…when he said that the French car wouldn’t be ready til Friday at least…I decided to fill the Volvo up…

People needing petrol for mowers and strimmers and hedge trimmers etc aren’t going to be best pleased…

Thanks again… x :slight_smile:

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Brief report in English

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And people moan about what’s happening in the UK.

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I imagine @Bill will know if there’s a similar ban.

Are you folk in the Charente particularly inclined to set things on fire? Round our way we stick to burning sausages and merguez rather than anything more substantial…

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I would imagine there have been incidents in that area, around times of high-spirits and high-tensions… perhaps…

The Bylaw would not have been issued without good reason. :zipper_mouth_face:

The ban has been lifted in the Charente…

Ludicrous. So folk have to pop over to an adjacent department to fill their Molotov cocktails (and power tools).