Petty Postage

I'm currently bemused as I received one of those little yellow slips from la factrice (post lady) saying I have 2 letters to collect from post office.

I went along to find they are letters I sent to RAM Gamex which have been returned as not enough postage paid. The weight of the letters was 23g (my electronic scales say 20). They include 4 feuille de soins each. I've been charged a tax of 1.17 per letter for incorrect postage. The max weight for a normal stamp is 20g which is why I weighed them beforehand.

So I owe the post office 2.34 in taxes (fines). I have to put the letters in new envelopes ( as there are big red crosses all over the envelope and lots of official stamping) & resend with new stamps of .95e. These letters have now cost me 4 stamps & fines. Ridiculous.

They actually made it to their destination of Bourges and some little jobsworth refused them for 3g! Well Monsieur ou Madame I hope you realise that in sending them back you were not saving your company money, you were wasting resources, yours, mine, la poste & the earth's in sending two letters across France 4 times.

What would have happened if I hadn't put my name & address on the back?