Nice to hear of the rich …giving something back… :relaxed:

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Yes it is obviously good and I am sure that they genuinely have honourable intentions but it is hardly as if they cannot afford it and more importantly it improves their taxable position and is extremely good publicity. It also makes them feel worthy and gives them something to do as their corporations are run by employees. They would be unwise to act otherwise.

If I had their amount of money I would do the same.
The Gates Foundation is pledged to defeat malaria.


Bill and Melinda Gates are not interested in improving their taxable position and I doubt that they feel ‘worthy’, IMO they are simply a couple of people who genuinely care and are using their wealth to change the lives of others far less fortunate than themselves. It’s that simple.


Maybe I was a little over cynical but they are fortunate to be able to do so. As Jane inferred most would do the same where possible. I have in the past but of course light years from their scale.

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I have a lot of time for Bill Gates and his wife but am not admirer of Jeff Bezos who I feel has only done what he has because of the stick he’s been getting, what would be good was if he treated his staff better as after all they’ve created a lot of the wealth that he now enjoys. Don’t see myself as a socialist but do feel that the mega wealthy ought to think how best to use the billions they have (and couldn’t possibly spend in a lifetime) although I appreciate much of it is ‘paper money’ so it may not be that easy.


I am not a fan of charities.
While most of us don’t have a saying where our tax money goes (hopefully for common good issues), when you donate instead of paying taxes you can direct your money to whatever cause.

I have met enough people in the charity racket to know that a lot of money goes to ’ administration’ of the charities.

Only organisation so far on my :+1: -list is , I hope I wont be disappointed with them too.


I have little time for the huge corporate charities now…including the gates foundation…sorry n all that but just my view…

How is it that other people WE employ merely to manage our infrastructure are so disconnected from all it means to be human that they do not give a damn about the misery and hardship they are causing and are able to totally disregard the wishes of the people…??? How is it that whilst totally disregarding the effects of poverty and austerity on their own people they can none the less find billions in so called aid to bomb innocents in other countries…???

I support small initiatives set up by my friends in Gaza…providing pens and pencils and play schools for the little ones…and for those older students training to become doctors…

I support anti-vivisectionists still and campaigns to end animal experiments…

I support compassion in world farming…

I support my breed specific rescues…

I’ve recently come across this dude…and have been watching one or two videos a day…

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Billionaires donate money to fight malaria which kills 1 million a year and affects 300 million+ more, yeah but what about Gaza?:grinning:


Philanthropy comes in all shapes and sizes… and, personally, I am glad that some of those with loads of money… help fight the world’s terrible diseases… yet some folk will knock them… :thinking: It is almost a no-win (ever) situation for them…

I am also glad that those with loads/little money… also choose to give something… somewhere…

BUT there are too many folk who do nothing… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Here is a ‘charity’ we should all support:

Sackler is due philantropozoceing to improve his image :rofl: :joy:

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Well I don’t see any billionaires donating there to rebuild hospitals and homes and schools and replacing infrastructure such as the water supply…???

At least gates sold his shares in G4S after protests against the sheer hypocrisy of the foundation’s mission statements…

I don’t have any spare billions (don’t have any actually…!) so I choose little initiatives to donate a few cents when I can…x :slight_smile:

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Ahed Tamimi in France…! Go girl…! :heart:

Yes Ahed, may the force be with you. I for one hope that your tour helps to open people’s eyes.

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I really feel that if “we” can collectively and globally heal the situation in Gaza then it would ripple out like a stone thrown into a pond and heal the world…it’s just so so wrong…

Gaza is a political disaster that requires a political solution (IMO).


I only know of one high profile uk politician that stands up for Palestinians and always has and he is demonised in the press…the “we” I refer to are the ones who refuse to remain silent…the BDS movement…the freedom flotillas…the protesters…of all nationalities and nations and countries and all “religions” and not religious…the “politicians” mostly have just been “talking heads”…no heart…

You know far more than me about Gaza Helen but it does seem very complicated and I’m not sure the west should get involved other than to persuade Israel to take part in any negotiations. How do you satisfy both parties to get to the ‘two state solution’?

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How do you persuade an occupying and blatantly apartheid and openly racist “state” to negotiate…???

One of the world’s largest military powers funded by “the west”… against a captive and occupied and brutalised people mostly children…under 25…with no military…???

I very much think “the West” should be involved…but I think it will be the people of “the West” who have a heart rather than the war mongering hard headed hate filled profit driven “politicians”…that will ultimately re-solve this atrocity…

Welcome to France Ahed…many hearts surrounding yours…:heart: