Some years ago a classmate went went for her routine checkup at the gynecologists’.

The good doctor was running late and she realised that she needed to have a wee, so she went to the toilet. Unfortunately there was no toilet roll left, so she rumaged around in the bottom of her handbag and fished out an old, rolled up tissue, wiped herself, washed her hands, and then went to sit down again.

At last the nice receptionist asked her to go in to see the doctor; she got herself ready & got into position. The gynecologist turned round to look at the business end of things as he was putting on his gloves ; all of a sudden, his eyes widened and he turned round again, reaching over for his instruments. He returned with a pair of tweezers, which he inserted delicately into the business end (so to speak) put the postage stamp that he had pulled out on a tray and asked my classmate if she wanted it back.

Bet it was a “tupenny” black!