Philip Hammond Brexit interview

Interesting read.

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Yes indeed, read it andcwill re read…just reinforces my view that the current cabinet are political pygmies compared to him and the others who lost out because they were on the wrong side of the EU argument.
Worrying thing is that their are v few political heavyweights left…how would you class .Eustice, Trusss, Patel, Coffee, Williamson Jenrick…anyone.I could go on .!!

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How would I class them? A group of primary school kids has more intelligence than those incompetent fools…

Stupidity is one think Carl, but a few of them, notably Gove and Patel, are, like their boss, nasty pieces of work. Like many in the ERG.

And their plans are worse than seen as the summary on the sleeve of a fairy story book.
And ERG have influence far exceeding their collective interest and are only interested in their own narrow fanatical constituency.