Phone calls from 0176710607

I keep getting phone calls from this number. They ring at least 5 times a day. If I answer the line goes dead. If it goes to answer phone, they don't leave a message. Anyone else had this experience?


Thanks very much, that's interesting. How do you block a number please?

It is some kind of auto-dialling thing from/via a phone number located in Paris, Hauts-de-Seine. None of the search engines that do tracing via reverse calling have managed to actually trace it to an exact location and it looks like the Paris base is only a relay. If you go looking on the web to see what it is about, then you will see that there are many, many people suffering the same 'problem' but all over the world rather than just here in France. You will then also see that there are several hundred numbers with the same 0176 or 0177 prefix. Some people appear to have used dial back services, for which you pay and it is not actually cheap in the end, and got a response that was hung up immediately whereas a few others have heard music on the line. If somebody actually speaks on the call, they apparently start by knowing your complete name. However, thus far nobody has found out what it is about and so far nobody seems to have been scammed. After a few calls from the number or one very similar we had it blocked and will do the same if this nonsense starts again, whatever the number.

We've had similar experience. Not always the same number but always beginning with 017. The latest number is 017756656. I've stopped answering them because the line just goes dead. Have been wondering where this odd number is from.