Phone calls regarding a delivery requiring a call to an 0899 number

We have just received a phone call (8:10 am) informing us that we have a parcel on the way, not unusual so continued listening. The lady confirmed my name and then gave me a reference number. She then said that I needed to call the depot to organise delivery and provided me with an 0899 (premium rate number) 0899 379945. She told me that I could call at any time but calling straight away was best. The line was not clear and I think that this is a scam, most drivers call us from their mobile or we call an 08 number but not 0899.

As far as I know this is a scam. When you call the number there is a LONG wait which of course clocks up the minutes. Our Mairie warned us about this, so do be careful. I get the calls occasionally, but since I am not expecting parcels, I simply say 'thank you' in my best French and indicate that I know this is a scam and hang up.

Did you tell him where you live

We have had this call as well.

We also have calls asking us where we live as we do have a delivery. Amazingly the last one actually listened to my directions and followed them!

Old scam, we have had this one periodically for at least 18 months. Even if you have deliveries coming, ignore. I only have SMS messages when I have something being delivered and increasingly tracking helps. For deliveries with one particular service that Amazon and Priceminster both use there is always an email to say it is on the way, usually less than an hour before delivery. The land line calls are just scams.

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