Phones with USB C ports

So USB C has been around now for awhile but its still near impossible to find a male USB C to Micro USB male or even plain USB Female and male converter???

Went in 3 shops today and no one can find them. (got one of ebay and its awful and does not work.)

Anyone see these around and found one that actually works???

need one for my new camera. Insta360 Air to fit to my phone or computer without having to change my phone from Samsung.

have you been on Amazon? Just remember to do it via this forum so James & Catharine get their little bonus.

sorry i wrote it wrong way round USB C Male to Micro USB Male.

Been told via messenger its not compatible as USB C product’s such as my camera won’t function properly hence there is no market for them although the hash of 4 wires we had yesterday at the shop had it working perfectly (usb c to usb onto a female female usb connector onto a micro usb male worked perfectly and the video was good (bit slow to stitch at end but nothing much.