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Hello all.

I have found that a discussion in these pages is the most efficient way of reaching SFN Members, hence this Post. Some of you may be aware that The Art Department has produced the first of a 16 page monthly Magazine entitled SFN ArtVillage online. The steering committee, comprising Neil Whitehouse, Sheila Walshe-Blackmore and myself ( with guidance and approval en route from James and Catherine ) decided from an early start that the Arts Mag would be just that, ie covering Fine Art.

Neil, as you may also be aware, has since opened Design Lab, a group concentrating on Design and Crafts, from which we hope that a separate Mag will also be published.

Fully aware that in todays 'Arts and Media' worlds the boundaries between the various disciplines is more 'blurred' than ever before, the study of Photography, both professional and amateur is undeniably a fun and exciting 'hobby' to be involved with.

The proposal for a further 'Photography' based Periodical under the Survivefrance Brand, has been made and posted in The Darkroom Group.

I think it goes without saying, that again, pro or am, our network can boast some excellent Photographers, and it is clear that the Group alone comprises Members who are more than keen to swop technical hints and information, and share the delights of some top class Pics.

My suggestion is that interested parties post comments here, really with a view to pushing forward this proposal, appointing a steering committee,laying down some perameters etc. I would be more than happy to simply carry out the production under 'instruction' or to take a more active role.

So whether the final Piece is simply a 'Photo Glossy', and Handy Hints Guide a Photo-journalistic voyage through France, or whatever, is to be discussed here.

No hard and fast rules except that the Magazine should not be overtly commercial, and if ( as I suggest ) we publish through ISSUU that, for benefit of The SFN Network, the Journal should remain under the SFN Banner and Branding guidelines.

Comments please.

can't wait !!!!


The Judges Brian Milne and Andy McNee have deliberated and Commendations have been made for the ShutterBugs and ImagINe sectors of the SFN Darkroom Online Magazine.

Valerie Skinner and myself have been appraised. So thank you to the judges for carrying out these appraisals and indeed to the young photographers who have put their work forward.... you WILL be impressed.

The certificates need adjusting and final 'tweaks' on the Mag are in progress. We shall publish tomorrow, with no further proofs, as the magazine can be altered at any time in the future.

Marion Robert Morrison


I'll be as objective as...???? John Wayne at least!

Hip hip.

Here-by appointing as DeputyTechster Mr B. Milne. ( the guy in the back wearing the 'We don' need no stinkin' Baches' T-![](upload://biSuSJl5a1R8PWfbw7RMQckOFqA.png)Shirt. )

Three cheers...

What with this slow hand?

I shall strike you Brian the best Goddamn Deputy's Badge you ever done saw!

You shot the sheriff, but you did not shoot the deputy

Deputy badge then?

sorry the Sheriff has been mortally wounded, it 'll have to be without.

Make it a sheriff type!

We are over subscribed for the Launch issue, which is a Bumper issue. In order to feature next issue you have to be a Member of The Darkroom.

I shall do you a Badge Brian!

It is a great idea Mirela, but a great idea needs Vim and Vigour to carry it through...

sounds like a great idea!

Thank you to both yourself Andy, and Brian.


Very many thanks, Andy.