Photography Magazine

If you have enough room left on it, lol - maybe you can squeeze it in at the bottom.

The art magazine is very impressive I have forwarded it on to an artist friend in the uk.

if there is any support, assistance, contribution I can give to the photography project please get in touch.

Thought so. Ok then, I am happy if everybody else is. Cor, can I add 'techie' to my CV now?

In my book, Brian, if you can look at photos taken by youngsters interpreting a theme and decide who did good, then job done - they don't all have the same quality of camera so it's as much the creativity and effort that they put in as the 'professional finish'. I say you're qualified.

Whatsa 'techie''? If you mean am I a technician then I wonder if stripping down a two stroke engine to decarb it counts, if you mean something to do with the context of the Photography Magazine then I do not own two Nikons and two Pentaxes for the heck of it, although I have done little with either for about two years... So the offer forced on me democratically still stands unless I am not a techie when I shall put my hand up and say 'got me' and bow out gracefully.

Makes quite a nice Page, you FaceBooker you!

Catharine suggested a 'techie' in case Brian wasn't that way....'impartiality' was the thrust of the selection process... I don't know about Brian's 'knowledge' other than he seems to know everything!

I check out the messages... shall I approach him?

Don't know an Andy. Is he SFN? Thought Brian was judging, unless you want a panel, which is no problem.

Valerie, have we approached the photo guy ( Andy? ) for judgmental purposes?

Now now children, behave, or I'll put you in a time out. Leave Ron to his graphics, Michelle, and get Gabi to upload any more of her pics. I'm still in love with the snail.

see what i mean?


Hi Valerie, thanks, I daren't ask Ron anything, he's a bit stressed!

Ha ha ha ha - nearly fell off the chair when I read the opening sentence.

Why are you mailing me when I'm next door?

anyroad, all things to do with the 'Appraisals' are detailed on Valerie's Thread ( y'know the one I told you about )

As soon as worthy recipients of the 'Certificate of Excellence' are announced, we can go for a Fully Working ' final ' flicky proof for the Committee to sign off.

We are currently de-foresting the Mag of Tulipuus Tiffiduus, and thinning down the 'red line' feature, so that everyone is happy. The Mag is pretty well finished, as such.

Hi Michelle,

Ron will know the publication date but I'm just jumping in here to give you a quick link to the page for uploading entries for the young photographers groups.

when does the Mag come out, and where are the competitions?

Avoiding and Overkill are my middle names.

Would there be room for 2 headings? Because the proper group names would obviously have to be featured as the header so people know what page / category they're looking at. You could include it in the text or next to the photos? Otherwise I think it might be leaning towards overkill.

was only thinking of the page headings, in the Magazine