Photography Weekend

If you’d be interested in attending a photography weekend, please register your interest here. It would be helpful if you can specify which areas you’d be prepared to travel to. Thanks!

Sorry but location is nearly 9 hours drive away for me! Please take my name off the list of those interested.

i may as well add the dates i am available, from the 28th Feb until 16th April and anytime between Easter weekend and the 24th May.

Feet have hardly touched the ground since arriving here 10 days ago, but happy to join you all in Angouleme which is reasonably commutable for me. Can’t do 23 to 1 May (Easter - Mayday hols) but any other time is good. Linda, want to share a car?

I quite fancy this even if it’s just to listen and learn. 3 and a half hours for me but if it’s for a couple of days then fine.

Well volunteered Johnny, and thank you. Angouleme is fine for me too, and sounds ok for most who have posted so far.
I suspect with concrete dates, and an indication of any likely costs, people will make a firm commitment if they can attend.

April / May as potential months for this weekend have been mooted on the original postings.
Generally a good period for me apart from 24th April, which of course is Easter; 7th/ 8th and 18th -21st May. Hope that’s a start.

That sounds good to me. Let’s kick around some dates so we can check diaries. I know I’m retired, but somehow I am busier than ever i was at work, and the days fly by so quickly…

Interested in this, based in Saumur area Loire. Ok for a three hour drive.

I am interested.

Most interested, usually find myself either in Paris or normandy.

Angouleme is about 4 hrs from me, but would make the trip if there was enough interest.

Would really apreciate such an opportunity. Anywhere within the Charente would be great. Am an hour away from Angouleme and Poitiers and Limoges. Lived on border of three departments.