Is there anybody out there who can help me with a Photoshop query? I’m not terribly proficient with Photoshop - I’ve been self-teaching myself from the Dummy’s Guide - because I wanted to do a particular job myself. But I’m struggling now with just one problem.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi, go to IMAGE on top bar the scroll down to IMAGE SIZE. This should give you pixel dimensions. Make sure the CONSTRAIN PROPORTIONS BOX is ticked then alter one dimension to fit your requirements. Then Resolution, type in 72 pixels/inch.

I would suggest using a less complicated software like Paint Shop Pro. You just need the prints the same height and drop them all onto a white base. Even them up and then crop…copy merged then paste…One .jpeg…save to rough 5 inch size

I’ll send you a DVD when I do the next batch. - send me your address

Love the site by the way Joe. Where can we see the film?

What’s he got that I haven’t…apart from a house full of Macs and his own imaging business and more experience :wink:

Wow! That’s a fair few. Sorry we forgot the iPhone and the 4 iPods.

Our 10 Year old is a top musician now he has discovered Garage Band.

We’re based in Poitou-Charentes and run a Mac rehoming service. Helping previously loved iMacs find new parents.


Feel free, send away - no problem at all.



Cool! I thought we had a lot!
1 x mac pro quad (gorgeous - soley for video editing and 3D graphics)
1 x 17" macbook pro
2 x 15" macbook pro
3 x 13" macbooks
1 x 17" powerbook G4
1 x mac mini server
2 x i-phones
1 x i-padI
2 x ipod touch
I love everything apple.
my 15 yr old has a web deign company called Calvados web design and his tag line is “The beneficial fermentation of Apples” :slight_smile:
Where about in France are you and what do you do with all your MAcs?

Try (that is where we picked up this G4 at the weekend for 85€) we also get them from ebay, or give us a shout if you fancy a chat - we have a few at the moment!

Tell you what, e-mail them to me (if you want to of course) and I’ll do the file while recording a screen cast and then you can see it as a tutorial. Then you can re-create it yourself. That way you can up-date the header on the web-page now, but learn the process for the next time?
How does that sound? Just tell me what order you want them in, the overall size I can get from your web site - and the font of the text please.

PS you can of course upload the pictures on this string but then everybody will have them? Don’t know whether that’s a problem for you?

Currently in use (daily) a G3 Snow, a G4 (Tournesol), 2 G4 Power Macs and a Core Duo Intel. We then have the laptops, also used regularly; a Tangerine G3 Clamshell for me, a G4 Powerbook for 10yr old son and husbands Core 2 Duo Macbook - he really, really, really wants to upgrade to a Macbook Pro! Then there are the 15 or so G3’s we adopted recently (unloved and in a shocking state from a design college). Husband has spent quite a bit of time and effort cleaning, upgrading and refurbishing them before finding new homes for them! It keeps him out of trouble!

And can you tell me where I might get one for 85€ please.

How many macs have you got there?

Hi Joanne,
Are you in free form? The picture must be in free transform to manipulate the size. If you have the layer for the photo and then in the “edit” menu click on Free transform - now there are 8 handles around the image that you can click and drag on to re-size.
Do you have skype?

Hi Joanne

On PS7 for Mac here.
1/ Go to NEW and set up the document size as per the old header. Resize the new pics via IMAGE - IMAGE SIZE by setting the width to one third.

2/ then go to cropping tool if you need to crop the pics to get the height to fit. (Make sure both the 3 new pics and the new document are RGB and 72dpi)

3/Drag each pic onto the new document and position. Save as Photoshop file.

4/ Go to WINDOW on header bar and scroll down to LAYERS to see the panel. On the LAYERS panel, click the small button on the right and scroll down to MERGE LAYERS.

5/ On the TOOL panel click on the T icon. Position over the document and type in text. Use the bar at the top of the screen to enter the parameters.

6/ When you have finished save the file as a Photoshop file.

7/ Repeat MERGE LAYERS then resave as a JPG file or SAVE FOR WEB in the FILE MENU.

This how I would do it in PS7 for Mac but the menus may be arranged differently. Also there are several ways to do the same thing and someone elee may have a better way.


Hi Joanne. We are all Mac’d up and really doesn’t cost that much. A really good second hand one will set you back anything from 50 Euros. We run Photo Shop CS2 on our older machines and CS3 on the newer ones. Go for a good quality iMac G4 or PowerMac G4 and you won’t regret it. This is being typed on our ‘new’ G4 we picked up on Sunday for just 85Euro.

Spend a bit more and go for a newer Intel powered machine but the older one’s are so near in terms of performance. A 10 year old G3 out-performs a 3 year old PC, astonishing.

No there’s no real need to merge the layers, just tidier I guess. however you do need to make sure the photos are re-sized in pro so they give the right image. You can hold down the shift key to make sure the image stays in pro as you re-size.
Joanne - happy to help if you want to send me the pics, but it doesn’t really help you to learn to do this yourself - so just keep asking questions if you wish. We can do it on skype if you like - let me know
cheers Joe

Hi Joanne

This was just three shitty photos I found on my work computer so don’t shhot me yet. I did manage to do a free transform on each layer, then group them together. I added the text layer and saved it all as a Jpeg. I’m not even sure you need to group the image layers togehter.

Send me the photos if you want and I’ll give it a go tonight at home. Add me as a friend and I can send you my e-mail. (Don’t like putting it on open pages)