Photovoltaic panels

Has anybody else out there had panels fitted by Next Generation? We had ours a year ago but have now heard they have gone into liquidation and the finance bank are looking for a company to take over the contracts. Our problem is that we understood EDF would be reading the meter after a year (which was up yesterday) and would pay out for energy produced for them. Today, we received a bill from ERDF for "obligation d'achat" - anybody know what that is? As we have no agent to sort this out for us and EDF and ERDF are notoriously difficult to get any answer from. All help gratefully received!

Thank you Graham, I'll give that a try this afternoon. I just don't know why they are asking for money when it is us who is waiting for a cheque from them ! Maybe they can explain. Let's hope so.

Hello Denise - on your latest invoice from ERDF there is a telephone no by your client no on the top left hand side; afternoons are a good time to call - you'll get straight through for an explanation!