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(Sab Will) #1

This is just an idea, so feel free to slap me down, but I was trying to think of a way we could appreciate a whole load of photos to the fullest without too much effort whilst getting a bit of personal insight into each others' daily lives.

So what about a Photo of the Day thread where we could post a photo of the day with any regularity we like, up to but not exceeding One a Day?

Along with that we could put a pithy little comment because much as I like photos, I also like to know a bit (but not too much!) about what was going on in the photographer's mind when they took them, and why they like the shot.

Maybe this isn't the proper place to suggest or host this idea, I don't know, but anyway, I'll try and post a photo here and see if anyone likes the idea. I've just joined by the way, and this site looks like a nice place to be around, so I'm looking forward to getting involved a bit.

So here's a slice of my daily grind, with a little commentary and I'd love to see your pictures and thoughts like this:

OK, i admit, it's not quite Paris, but it almost is, and might well be if plans for Greater Paris continue apace.

So it's Arcueil then, just to the south, and what you certainly don't expect to see is a fully-fledged flock of sheep, as it were, being nonchalantly driven down rue Marius Sidobre of a Saturday afternoon, replete with sheepdogs and shepherdess in tow.

It's all part of one of these 'Farm in the City' initiatives, where they scatter the tarmac with straw or tarpaulin and press gang a clutch of chickens or rabbits or ducks to pose for photos and get poked by hoards of snotty city kids.

Oh yeah, and you can buy overpriced cheese and wine and garlic because it's 'the real thing'. Excuse my cynicism- i quite enjoyed it really, and my one-year-old probably would have too, if he hadn't slept through the whole thing.

(Sab Will) #2

Don’t you know you have to click my pics, Gina? Well you do now :wink:

(Gina Hams) #3

HI Sab How come you put a photo I just love especially the coulours and angles and all and it is tiny. Think we may need to see a bigger version of this. You won’t have to type anything but let us have a good look. Ta G.

(Sab Will) #4

Here’s my Pic for today: taken waiting for my daughter’s Eurostar to head off back to London. First time she’s taken it over here on her own, although done it many times accompanied, so a Big Event, so to speak (she’s 13).

I’ve just realised that it’s so tall, if I want to have any hope of filling in the blank area on the left I’d better start typing. Which would bore you all to death. So I won’t. Sorry about the big blank area.

(Sab Will) #5

Long live the Peugeot 404!

This one comes from Paris but I thought maybe I should post it in the classic car group, then had a look and realised it’s probably not really considered ‘classic’ yet, but if you read my story, you’ll see it’s classic to me :slight_smile:

(Sab Will) #6

Here’s a photo for the weekend, and anyone who’s ever needed a leak… badly!
It was taken in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and is an amazing little set of steep steps from what I can remember, around about the area of Molière’s house I think it is.
As you can see, there are still plenty of parts of Paris which aren’t as glamorous as the picture postcards. I prefer them.

(Jacqui McMahon) #7

Cool Photo.

(James Higginson) #8

How about humourous foods, then I can have this one :wink:

(Stuart Wilson) #9


(Gina Hams) #10

Ohhhh Brilliant Onions… G.

(Eric Rowe) #11

2.15 at the feeder on my terrace - an it’s still coming down…

(Sab Will) #12

That reminds me of my trip down the Paris Catacombes at the weekend! OK, it wasn’t quite so cave-like, but there were tunnels, that’s for sure!

(neil whitehead) #13

Same here-found this tonight. Maybe we could start a humourous vegetable section.

(Sab Will) #14

Oh, I finally found, well took, a ‘Valentine’s Day’ photo today (just one day late!), but if you click on it you’ll be slammed right back into my cynical old world view; well that’s me :smiley:

Guess where it was taken? Paris is going crazy with these things right now, and I’m sure that pretty sure someone is going to decide that un oeuf is un oeuf and chop them all off.

Until that day, if you are in Paris, look out for these things as you’re crossing the river - the sheer number of them, never mind the variety, is quite mind-boggling.

(neil whitehead) #15

Hi Laura
A few ideas attached, cropping for more impact and shooting against a dark background.

Also added a bit of softness for more romance.
One thing is to get in close and add diagonal lighting.

(Eric Rowe) #16

Pas de la Faye 950m, looking towards St Tropez last week, when it was warmer up here than in that wet, cold, cloud. Effect lasted several days. In all my years here I’ve never seen the likes.

I'm putting up pics cut to around 800 longest side. I don't know yet what the limit is.

(Catharine Higginson) #17


(Catharine Higginson) #18

Can’t help with photo tips Laura (ask Mr H - he’s the pro ) but they are gorgeous!! x

(neil whitehead) #19

Think it was a stoat as they turn whiter in the winter.

(Sab Will) #20

Welll… yes! I don’t have a Valentine-inspired shot for today so far, maybe one’ll occur to me, but I don’t go running after them - I see LOVEly shots every day anyway :smiley: