Does anyone make their own pickles as in onions, Beetroot, if so what vinegar do you use and where do you get it from

I sell Sarsons Ready Spiced pickling vinegar at Coopers in Argeles. It’s a 1.14 litre jar at 3.99 euro. Please check stock though before travelling, it sells out fast.

i believe the vinegar has to be at least 6% not seen any here like that may have to get red cross parcels sent in

I do pickle chillies and for that I use a white wine vinegar with tarragon from Intermarché. It has been a while since I did onions, but if I remember rightly I used a red wine vinegar. For chutneys I will often use a cider vinegar, esp if I am using apples as one of the ingredients. Hope this helps.

That is what i meant i havent seen any dedicated pickling vinegar here

You can use almost any distilled vinegar to pickle,the best is special pickling vinegar which alas i have not seen in France

Hi John
Drew and Alan Guest are the chutney aficionados - I think they have posted about this in The Good Life group - hope this helps!